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The Aging Project
Your eyes are the windows to your soul AND health, with Dr. Rani Banik

We’ve all heard the old saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but our podcast guest this week wants you to know that they’re also the windows to your overall health – and to how well you’re aging. 

In this week’s episode, we’re asking what our eyes can tell us, and how we can maintain optimal eye health as we get older. To help us answer those questions is Dr. Rani Banik – a world-leading board-certified neuro-ophthalmologist who’s joining us all the way from New York City. Dr. Rani specializes in the intricate connections between our eyes and our brain, and is an authority on how our lifestyle and dietary choices can impact our eye and brain health as we age. I loved this episode – Dr. Rani’s passion for her work is so evident in her chat with Shelley, and the discussion really got me thinking about my eye health, which has been something I must admit I haven’t thought that much about ‘till now. The episode is now ready for you to listen to – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I hope you were as inspired by last week’s incredible chat with Dr. Yael Joffe as Shelley and I were. I know I for one have been incorporating some raw cruciferous veggies into my meals to turn on those amazing detoxifying genes!  

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Amanda x

On the podcast this week:

‘Our eyes are a window to our health’ DR. RANI BANIK

Dr. Rani Banik has been a neuro-ophthalmologist caring for the eye/brain connection of her patients for more than twenty years, but it wasn’t until western medicine failed to cure her own debilitating migraines that she started thinking there must be something more. After doing her own research into alternative therapies, and then specialist training in functional medicine, Dr. Rani now combines traditional medical and surgical methods with lifestyle and dietary modifications to give her patients a holistic approach to improving their eye and brain health. 

Shelley’s chat with Dr. Rani covers a lot of ground – from how to eat for good eye health, to blue light, to the most common eye issue for women over forty, and much more. 

Enjoy ladies – and here’s to good eye health!


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Host: Shelley Craft 

Producer: Amanda Attwood, founder of The Aging Project 

Podcast Studio Team: Poly Studios

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