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The Aging Project
The Aging Project
You only get ONE life with Briony Benjamin

Briony Benjamin is a woman who knows first-hand just how precious and precarious life is. At 31, and at the peak of her career, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. After several rounds of chemotherapy, Briony received the glorious news that she was in remission, and promptly set about making an inspirational short video called ‘You Only Get One Life’, which quickly went viral. She’s now the author of ‘Life Is Tough But So Are You,’ and shares her story and message as a public speaker and presenter.

Join Shelley for episode #10 of The Aging Project Podcast, as she chats to Briony about:

The Aging Project is on a mission to discover and share the secrets to aging well, and to empower you to make great choices for your health and wellbeing in your forties and beyond. Hosted by Shelley Craft, The Aging Project Podcast will introduce you to the leading minds in the field of aging fabulously. Her insightful interviews will inspire you to take middle-age by the horns and make it the best time of your life!

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