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The Aging Project
The Aging Project
We don’t talk about death – but we SHOULD, with Tara Castle

When Tara Castle first met her husband Joe in London, their connection was instant and
undeniable. What came next was a friendship that soon turned into a beautiful love story.
They were married in Brisbane’s stunning Farm Park and went on to have two gorgeous
children and a happy, loving marriage. But one weekend four years ago, fit, healthy, active
Joe began feeling unwell, and within just a few days he’d passed away – at just 46.
It’s something that could happen to any of us at any time, and yet, death is something we
rarely pause to think about, let alone prepare ourselves for.
In this episode of The Off Season, Tara shares her story, giving us an open window into her
grief journey and what happened after she lost the love of her life. Tara’s candid, wide-open
discussion with Shelley will leave you with lots to think about, and we’re so grateful to her
for sharing her story with us.

Join Shelley as she chats to Tara about:

● The story of Joe’s sudden, unexpected death
● What it was like having to make decisions about Joe’s farewell whilst deep in shock and mourning
● Why grief isn’t something you ‘get through’
● How we can help those dealing with grief
● The importance of ‘death admin’ and the things we should all do right now
● How she’s changed since Joe’s death, and the things that bring her joy now

You can learn more about our guest Tara Castle here

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Host: Shelley Craft
Producer: Amanda Attwood, founder of The Aging Project
Podcast Studio Team: Poly Studios

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