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Gut health is the gateway to greater health

Hosted by

Shelly Craft

In conversation with Clinical Nutritionist

Lynsey Koch

We’re embarking on a journey to kickstart a gut health movement within our community, and we’re thrilled to extend an invitation to 500 of you to join us for an interactive session.

Did you know...

Poor gut health can be the root cause of various issues, including anxiety, depression, weight, digestive problems, arthritis, and skin conditions? Lynsey wants you to understand the vital link between these issues and the health of your gut.
Scientists have uncovered that older adults with diverse gut microbes tend to live longer, highlighting the critical role of gut bacteria and gut lining integrity in our overall health and susceptibility to chronic diseases. This highlights the urgency to prioritise our gut health every single day. Despite this, gut health often takes a backseat while skincare reigns supreme. It’s time to challenge this outdated mindset and prioritise gut health starting NOW.
we’ll delve into everything you need to know about healing and nurturing your gut. Plus, you’ll receive a comprehensive 10-page Gut Health Game Plan Workbook crafted by Clinical Nutritionist Lynsey Koch, that includes a 30 day daily check-list so you know what to do, and how to get started, on this lifelong gut health journey.

Tickets are limited to 500

so secure your spot now and join our movement towards living 100 fabulous years with gloriously good gut health.

Who should attend?

If you're curious about gut health but overwhelmed by where to start, this TAP Talk is designed for you.

Struggling with digestion, bloating, or stress and overwhelmed by daily life? We offer guidance, even when consulting a specialist seems out of reach.

Your stools—yes, we're addressing it—they may not be functioning as they should, and you're determined to side-step chronic diseases.

Spending more time on skincare than gut care? Join us to shift your focus towards the foundation of your overall health.

You understand the profound impact of gut health — from bolstering the immune system to managing weight and supporting brain and joint health — but you want to know more.

If you've listened to our podcast on gut health and know it's important, yet find yourself confused and not knowing what to do.

You crave a straightforward formula, a 30-day roadmap to jumpstart your wellness journey.

You want to know which tests can help you get to the root cause of your gut health worries

What you’ll get:

A 90-minute conversation that feels more like a masterclass, packed with actionable insights and clinical expert advice.

Your go-to resource containing everything you need to get on the right track, from dietary tips to lifestyle recommendations.
Our gloriously good gut health formula, outlining the daily practices and habits we want you to incorporate. Forget skincare; let’s focus on gut care.
Hear from other women who have transformed their gut health and discover their inspiring journeys.

Amanda’s story

For years I battled with gut health issues but it wasn’t until I woke up one morning with swollen joints, unable to walk, that I took action. Despite seeking answers from my GP, I was left without a solution. Then Clinical Nutritionist Lynsey Koch entered the picture.

Her expertise unveiled a connection I had overlooked: the deep link between gut health and not just physical ailments, but also anxiety and inflammatory conditions. I’m certain many of you can relate to my journey, and we look forward to hearing your stories inside our private event.


Lynsey Koch

In December of 1999, at just 18 years old, Lynsey’s life took a dramatic turn with a critical accident atop Mauna Kea, in her beloved home on the Big Island of Hawaii, USA. Enduring multiple surgeries to mend broken bones and re-inflate punctured lungs, along with the removal of her left kidney and spleen, this experience profoundly shaped her perspective on health.

During her time in the hospital

Lynsey discovered the transformative power of healing whole foods. Thanks to the unwavering support of her incredible family, who diligently sourced nourishing foods from the local organic store.

Lynsey experienced a remarkable recovery.

Astonishingly she left the hospital in just over two weeks, defying the initial prognosis of an eight-week recovery period. Blessed with the gift of life and a newfound appreciation for holistic health, it became Lynsey’s mission to empower others to heal themselves through conscious eating and lifestyle choices.

Lynsey is deeply passionate about sharing knowledge to inspire and support others on their path to vibrant lifetime health.

Exclusive Workbook Access

You will receive a copy of our 10-page Gut Health Game Plan after the event via email.

This will become your go-to guide for gloriously good gut health.

Spaces are Limited!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to unlock your best ever health. 
Secure your spot for Sunday, 7th April 9am AEST, and begin your journey to 100 fabulous years.

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