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The Aging Project
The Aging Project
Episode 14: Stop sliding and start DECIDING, with Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills

When Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills met for the first time in their mid-thirties, something
extraordinary happened. Their instant connection and fast friendship was the catalyst for a total career change for both of them, and before they knew it they were hosting a national radio show as the MC duo ‘Those Two Girls’ – with neither of them ever having had any past radio experience! The show was a runaway hit, and led to the creation of their popular podcast ‘Forty’ and their book, ‘Forty Favours The Brave.’
Now in their early forties, Lise and Sarah are a formidable duo – and living proof that
friendship and connection can change your life.

Join Shelley as she chats to Lise and Sarah about:
● What inspired their podcast ‘Forty’
● How being in your forties now is very different from the experiences of our mothers
and grandmothers
● The great things about getting older, and why shifting your focus to the things to
look forward to rather than those you’re worried about makes all the difference
● Why your forties is the time to recalibrate your dreams
● Deciding vs. sliding – and why the distinction is so important to our aging journey
● Why giving up their safe, successful radio careers was the catalyst for even greater
personal success
● What aging well means to them

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Host: Shelley Craft
Producer: Amanda Attwood, founder of The Aging Project 
Podcast Studio Team: Shayde Furlong and Poly Studios

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