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Health Scorecard

Health Scorecard


14 blood pathology markers worth tracking

4 additional test recommendations

7 preventative health tests to stay on top of

Daily Health Scorecard

Yes, aging is part of life

but you don’t have to ‘succumb’ to the changes that occur in your health.

The best way to start on the front foot is to know where you are at first! Getting routine blood pathology or diagnostic screening tests regularly will allow you to be preventative in your overall health and wellbeing.

The Aging Project

Use this health score card as a guide to what you can check for, and when to do it!

The Aging Project to Empowering Healthy Aging for Women.

The 14 Day

Our 14 day program is our tried and tested blueprint designed to empower women’s health, guiding you toward feeling your best and ageing well. This transformative journey is perfect for anyone whose health has veered off course. Together, let’s transform the quality of your daily choices and set a positive trajectory for your well-being.