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Bye Bye Belly Fat Workbook

Our NO MORE DIETS Movement

Are you tired of struggling with belly fat?

The Aging Project has heard the call of 3 in 5 Aussie women grappling with their weight, and
we’re answering with our ‘Bye Bye Belly Fat’: 7 Step Formula for better health.

Let’s drop a truth bomb: that extra belly fat in midlife is like carrying a backpack of 30 diseases!

Your body is giving you a heads-up on your metabolic health and aging process.

Your Bye Bye Belly Fat Workbook


7 Step Bye Bye Belly Fat Formula

Daily Checklist to track your progress

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Our NO MORE DIETS Movement

Can you imagine a world where the word ‘diet’ no longer exists. Imagine what that would do for the future generations of women?
Our commitment to the #nomorediets movement is fueled by alarming statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Well-being (AIHW), that being overweight and obese is the second preventable cause of death for Australian women, indicating that

"weight loss diets aren't working."
Join our Community Health Partners program and get the support to a journey towards a healthier, happier, and more connected life.

Gut health, stress, hormonal changes, medications, allergies, and intolerances all impact women during perimenopause and menopause, meaning the simplified ‘move more, and eat less’ advice no longer works.

The truth is most women are unlikely to visit a GP or Gynecologist for weight-related concerns, resorting to diets – which rarely work, and so they struggle in silence, not getting the professional support they need.

And so, we’re kick starting our NO MORE DIETS MOVEMENT with our Bye Bye Belly Fat Workbook formulated by our in-house clinical nutritionist Lynsey Koch.

Elevate your well-being in 14 days! Join our Australian Womens Health Challenge for vitality, happiness, and a healthier you.

Our approach

We invite you to see weight as a health condition, deserving professional advice – and we’ve got you covered!

This workbook outlines our powerful 7-step formula, a set of daily actionable steps designed to support you trim your waistline and enhance your overall health.

Together let's reduce our chronic disease risk. Are you ready to begin? Let’s do this.

Your Stories

"Well, my history with belly fat is a relatively new one - I'm 47."
I'm Karen, 61 years old. The struggle with belly fat has been ongoing
I'm 55 and a mother of three. My belly fat has been a constant companion.
The Aging Project to Empowering Healthy Aging for Women.
I'm Sandra, 49 years old. Menopause hit me hard, and the belly fat is stubborn
Anna, 56 years old. Belly fat has been a concern
Diane here, turning 60 soon. The journey with belly fat has been challenging, especially post-menopause
The Aging Project to Empowering Healthy Aging for Women.

The 14 Day Challenge

Our 14 day program is our tried and tested blueprint designed to empower women’s health, guiding you toward feeling your best and ageing well. This transformative journey is perfect for anyone whose health has veered off course. Together, let’s transform the quality of your daily choices and set a positive trajectory for your well-being.