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5200 Life in Weeks Workbook

How long do you want to live?

5200 Life in Weeks Workbook


This powerful and interactive workbook

Has been designed to help you focus on what truely matters in life.

It will help you by visualising your life in weeks.

We believe there is benefit in reminding ourselves of our mortality, and that each of us has a limited number of weeks and time, on earth.

We hope this workbook is the reminder you need to prioritise you, your life and your health

The Aging Project community is here to support you do just that.

We hope the ritual of filling in a new square, representing another week of life, will bring you into the present moment and give you improved perspective, and the desire to improve the quality of your life and health,

alongside The Aging Project community.

We know using the calendar will be life changing,

As it has been for members in our community, and we can’t wait to hear how its helped you.

The Aging Project to Empowering Healthy Aging for Women.

The 14 Day Challenge

Our 14 day program is our tried and tested blueprint designed to empower women’s health, guiding you toward feeling your best and ageing well. This transformative journey is perfect for anyone whose health has veered off course. Together, let’s transform the quality of your daily choices and set a positive trajectory for your well-being.

The Aging Project to Empowering Healthy Aging for Women.

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