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The Aging Project
The Aging Project
50 is NOT the new 30 with Wendy Euler

Wendy Euler, founder of Goodbye Crop Top and host of the Cropped podcast, has become a poster girl for aging well. She’s a woman of style and substance, who encourages women to find their style, wear it proudly, and to age without fear or apology.

The Goodbye Crop Top Instagram account has more than 165,000 followers, and was created by Wendy four years ago when she was 49 and unable to find positive representations of aging women in the media landscape. So, what did she do? She created what she wanted to see, and Goodbye Crop Top has since become an inspiration for countless women in their forties and above to live their best lives, no matter their age.

Join Shelley for episode #5 of The Aging Project Podcast, as she chats to Wendy about:

• Her inspiration for starting Goodbye Crop Top

• How her lifelong love of fashion has helped inspire thousands of middle-aged women to dress the way they really want to

• Why older women can give younger women a middle-age (and beyond!) to look forward to, rather than fear

• How she deals with criticism

• How a strong sense of purpose and intention shapes her life and attitude

• How getting older has made her stronger

• Why she never compares herself to other people

• How identifying your personal style can make you feel amazing and change your life – and a hot tip for how to find it if you’re unsure

• Her go-to outfits and key fashion staples – including the ‘fairy dust’ section of her wardrobe!

• Her top tips for nurturing your body, mind and soul

• What she loves about being in her fifties, and why she regards aging as a privilege

• Why you’re never too old to reinvent yourself

The Aging Project is on a mission to discover and share the secrets to aging well, and to empower you to make great choices for your health and wellbeing in your forties and beyond. Hosted by Shelley Craft, The Aging Project Podcast will introduce you to the leading minds in the field of aging fabulously. Her insightful interviews will inspire you to take middle-age by the horns and make it the best time of your life!


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Host: Shelley Craft

Producer: Amanda Attwood, founder of The Aging Project

Podcast Studio Team: Poly Studios

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