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Explore our range of workbooks and guides designed to inspire and educate you on living your healthiest life.

5200 Life in Weeks Workbook


This free workbook is designed to get you thinking about your lifespan, and how long you want to live. Did you know a 100 year life equates to 5200 weeks and the average Australian woman lives to around 85 years or 4,420 weeks. Let’s set our sights on 100 years or 5200 weeks of best-ever health.

Bye Bye Belly Fat - Event Replay


Brace yourself for an unmissable ‘Bye Bye Belly Fat’ webinar featuring Shelley Craft and Clinical Nutritionist Lynsey Koch. Over 45 minutes expect to learn our proven 7 ingredient belly fat blueprint, that will see you making small but powerful changes guaranteed to deliver the result we’re all after: an improved ‘waist to hip ratio’ (which happens to be a seriously important marker for longevity and health).

7 Step Formula

Bye Bye Belly Fat Workbook


Are you struggling with belly fat? The Aging Project has heard the call of 3 in 5 women grappling with their weight, and we’re answering the call with our ‘Bye Bye Belly Fat’: 7 Step Formula for better health. In this guide you’ll find our science backed daily formula and favourite You Must Try It products for healthy weight balance.

Go-To Recipe


Our go-to recipe book includes our 10 most favourite go-to healthy recipes; they’re easy, quick and mostly meat-free.

Health Scorecard Workbook


Our scorecard is designed to empower you, with everything you need, to be proactive about your health. We’ve included a daily scorecard tool, blood pathology and test suggestions, and a list of health screening suggestions. Use this scorecard as a guide to what to check for, and when to do it.

Meditations and Affirmations

Coming soon

We believe in the power of meditations and positive affirmations. We’re thrilled to offer these purposefully crafted tools, designed to be used in the morning and evenings, to support your aging well journey.

The Aging Project to Empowering Healthy Aging for Women.

The 14 Day Challenge

Our 14 day program is our tried and tested blueprint designed to empower women’s health, guiding you toward feeling your best and ageing well. This transformative journey is perfect for anyone whose health has veered off course. Together, let’s transform the quality of your daily choices and set a positive trajectory for your well-being.

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