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In this episode, our guest, Shanna Whan, the CEO, creator, and founder of Sober in the Country, shares her personal journey and the stories she’s gathered from individuals across Australia. This episode explores the challenges and societal expectations during the holiday season synonymous with wine, champagne, and spirits.

Social Pressures and Stigmas: The conversation delves into the societal expectations and stigmas associated with alcohol consumption. Shanna challenges the notion that a “rock bottom” experience is necessary to address alcohol-related issues.

Identifying Problematic Drinking: Shanna provides insights into recognising problematic drinking habits. She emphasises that if individuals are questioning their alcohol consumption, that can be telling.

Government Involvement: Shanna and Shelley touch upon the role of the government in addressing alcohol-related problems. The need for proactive measures and policies to support individuals in their journey towards healthier habits is highlighted.

Celebrating Sobriety: Shanna advocates for celebrating the positive aspects of sobriety and explores how individuals can still enjoy social events without relying on alcohol.

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This episode encourages self-reflection on alcohol habits and challenges listeners to reconsider societal norms surrounding drinking. Shanna’s perspective offers a compassionate and practical approach to navigating the complexities of alcohol awareness and support.

  1. “If you’re asking yourself if there’s a problem, there’s probably a problem.”
  2. “People who don’t have a problem with alcohol don’t ask themselves if they do have a problem.”
  3. “There’s some bloody good stuff outside of the bottle, and exploring it can be surprisingly rewarding.”
  4. “Be thoughtful, be inclusive, be kind, and don’t make assumptions about someone’s choice not to drink.”
  5. “Stop asking or demanding to know why someone says no; simply offer an alternative without judgment.”
  6. “Embrace the joy of missing out on the negative impacts of alcohol, focusing on the benefits of a non-alcoholic lifestyle.”

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