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Struggling with belly fat? We’ve got you.

If you’re a busy peri or menopausal woman wanting to get your health on track, and lose unwanted belly fat - you’re in the right place!

Give us 21 days and walk away with a menopause makeover.

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So many of us are struggling alone.

We’re here to change that!

We’re ready to lighten the weight conversation and give you the formula and support to reduce your girth – for good!

If, like us, you’d like to look and feel healthier, more vital and less bloated, you’re not alone. Here’s to feeling fabulous, not frustrated, with our weight, and getting our health on track for our second chapter.

Introducing our unmissable

Bye Bye Belly Fat 21 Day Reset

Starting Monday 10th June

ONLY $69

Available to members inside The Aging Project Community

Meet your incredible coaches

Our reset is all about enhancing the quality of your daily choices – think of it as your personal guide to feeling fabulous. From mindful eating to joyful moving and restful recharging, we’re with you every step of the way to craft a lifelong health blueprint.

Shelley Craft

Host and Coach

Lynsey Koch

Clinical Nutritionist, Host and Coach

Naz De Bono


Amanda Attwood

Program Coach

It’s so easy for our health, and weight to veer off track. Life happens.

We move house, start a new job, get sick or maybe work and life feels overwhelming, and usually our health is the first ‘ball we drop’. And dropping the ‘health ball’ can make us feel guilty and worried. Most of us want to make better choices, and feel healthier but it’s hard to stay motivated and on-track alone. And it’s confusing knowing what to do in our perimenopause and menopause years. Do you ever feel struck and end up doing nothing? We’ve all been there! And the longer we wait, the harder it is to get started.

We get it. Even we need a reset from time to time. That is exactly why we’ve created our 21 Day Reset for our community.

This reset is designed to get you back on track, and refocused on what matters most...

We all want to age well and making good choices today, for tomorrow, is something we think a lot about.

The truth is after around 45, during perimenopause and menopause, our bodies change and this means we need to change along with it. It marks a time for us to tune into our health like never before making informed choices about nutrition, movement and rest.

Together, The Aging Project, XALI and You Must Try It,

are coming together to support our community and change these shocking statistics:


Three in five Australian females are living with being overweight or obese.


Being overweight (including obesity) is the second leading preventable cause of ill health and premature death for females in Australia. It is also linked to 30 diseases, including various cancers, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, type 2 diabetes, dementia, asthma, and chronic kidney disease. (Australian Institute Health and Welfare – June 2023)’

Here’s the truth bomb

no one is talking about: carrying extra belly fat in midlife, is like hauling a backpack of 30 diseases.

Yup! Your weight, especially around the middle, is a sneak peek into your metabolic health and how gracefully you’ll age. It’s your body giving you a heads-up on the inside scoop.

So, let’s shrink our waistlines and chronic disease risk. Together.

For us, it’s time to rewrite the belly fat narrative. It’s become a hush-hush, almost taboo topic even medical professions avoid. We invite you to see weight, especially around the middle, just like any other health condition, needing professional advice and support – and we’ve got that covered!
Enough of trying to reduce your waistline alone, feeling embarrassed, believing nothing can be done, or accepting your extended girth as a symptom of aging or menopause.
Think of us as your belly fat ‘tell-it-how-it is’ besties here to support, connect, and provide a fool-proof plan for your midlife waistline makeover. A menopause makeover, you might call it.
Expect to learn our proven belly fat blueprint, that will see you making small but powerful changes designed to deliver the result we’re all after: an improved ‘waist to hip ratio’ (which happens to be a seriously important marker for longevity and health).

Join our 'NO MORE DIETS' movement to live 100 fabulous years, free from waistline worry!

Get access to our ‘Bye Bye Belly Fat’ 21 Day Reset for when you join the Aging Project community.

What you’ll get

Bye Bye Belly Fat Workbook

Get a copy of our 15 page Bye Bye Belly Fat Workbook outlining our formula for weight balance.

21 Day Bye Bye Belly Fat Daily Tracker

Stay accountable with a simple daily tracker. Put it on the fridge, track your progress and keep yourself accountable.

The Aging Project Recipe Book

Our 50+ page recipe book is jam-packed with simple, quick and delicious recipes.

Weekly Meal Plans

Let us take the guesswork out of what to eat with our weekly meal plans.

The Daily Journal

Journal and share how you’re going inside our community journal. You can add video, images, comment and interact within the community, just like you.

Daily Expert Advice and Weekly LIVE Check-Ins

Connect with our team of experts and each other inside our virtual room each week and stay motivated.

The Aging Project Community

The Aging Project community portal gives you access to everything you need. Download your weekly meal plans, join the community conversation, access LIVE weekly meetups, get feedback from our team of coaches and access the virtual journal.

XALI access

No matter where you are in your fitness journal, Xali has a workout for you. Enjoy 3 months FREE access when you join The Aging Project community. Get moving with Naz’s workouts designed for peri and menopausal women.

You Must Try It - Supplement suggestions

Let us guide you our tried and test supplements, researched by our clinical nutritionist that can aid weight loss available at You Must Try It

14 Day Challenge access

The 14 Day Challenge is our signature program, a total health reset, you can work through over time, once you complete our 21 day rest.
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We can’t wait to reward someone within our community with a

Bye Bye Belly Fat Ultimate Pack Worth $359 from You Must Try It

6 month XALI Membership

Podcast Guest Opportunity on The Aging Project Podcast (optional)

Start Date: Monday 10th June

Shelley | Lynsey | Amanda | Naz

The Aging Project + You Must Try It + Xali

“Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

The Aging Project Community

Stories and Testimonials

Real stories from real women

Cath’s story
Cath’s story
Read More
At one time, I thought I would never make it to my 50’s, and now I am here, I need all the help I can get to make it a healthy journey – not just a long one. I am still not in a healthy weight range; I am post-menopausal and have the belly to prove it.
Read More
I realised that I have been going through the motions of life for a long time. I learned that if I am to indeed age well, I can no longer be a ‘lounge lizard’, mindlessly scrolling and passively watching life go by from the sidelines. I need to be intentional.
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As a 42 year old mother of 2, I have spent the 2 years since turning 40, looking for answers on how to age well and live a long and healthy life. My father died at 42 and my mother at 67. As I look towards my own future, I am determined that this will not be my fate. My health and wellbeing are number one.
Read More
I have ALWAYS had belly fat in varying degrees but since I have become older (now 60), it’s become more of an issue. I just want to “live” and not have my belly fat constantly on my mind! For me it’s an issue with both self confidence but as I age it’s the stark reality of future health issues.
Read More
I turn 50 this Friday. I’ve not been looking forward to it. Until recently. This project has given me new ways of embracing my age. I can't live like I'm still in my 20's.
Read More
The Aging Project has taught me there is life at any age and your life doesn’t need to expire after 50 but instead begin. We have the power to be ageless and beautiful.
Anon’s story
Anon’s story
Read More
My anonymous frustration is that I’m a busy mum (kids aged 16-9) juggling 30+ hours/week job, sports taxi, cook, and get little help around the house - so my “reward” is 2-3 glasses of wine 4-5 nights per week. I know that’s too much and I want to cut back but struggle to find a replacement that satisfies. I know reducing it will help how I’m feeling/sleeping/fatigue.
Rebecca’s story
Rebecca’s story
Read More
I’m a 45-year-old female. I run my own remedial and lymphatic massage business from home full time and work long hours. I am a mum of 3 (26,30,& 14-year-old). I have my husband, adult son, teenage daughter and do the majority of the cleaning and cooking. My doctor advised my cortisol levels were very high and I need help.
Linda’s story
Linda’s story
Read More
I went through a horrendous divorce which gave me severe PTSD and depression. I’m nearly 70 and basically I’ve been sitting for 3 and a half years because of my work and how I feel.
Sue’s story
Sue’s story
Read More
Everytime I look in the mirror side-on, there is another little niggle at myself for not ‘doing something more’ about it. At 53, I know what I want in life and how to get it. I’m educated, financially free, single (after 28 yr marriage), have a fantastic career. But the belly fat holds me back.
Anon’s story
Anon’s story
Read More
I have tried EVERYTHING from diets, intermittent fasting, medication, naturopaths, dieticians, functional medicine etc and really nothing seems to work. The only time I have really reduced my belly fat was in an extreme stress time - certainly nothing I want to repeat.

The Aging Project Testimonials from women, just like you.

Just want to say ‘thank you’. I am feeling great and I have lost about 3 kgs from my tummy. I am learning so much, thank you.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the difference you have already made to my aging journey


I am glad you’ve arrived to help steer us through these murky waters of midlife! I always imagined growing older; I just never gave much thought to actually being older. I felt marooned between two chapters of life, not fully belonging in either.

With age comes a need for more guidance on maintaining health, managing our weight, menopausal changes, and preventing chronic lifestyle diseases. The Aging Project, along with our friends at XALI and You Must Try It, are here to help.

Please don’t let another month or year pass. Let’s begin together. Join us for this 21 Day experience and let’s say ‘bye bye belly fat’ and reset our health together.


Are you ready to kick start your reset with us?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bye Bye Belly Fat 21 Day Reset is a weight-balance program focused on belly fat for peri and menopausal women. It’s the formula founders Shelley and Amanda live by.

Through a combination of anti-inflammatory, and lower carb foods, along with  optional intermittent fasting, we focus on hormone balancing nutritious whole foods, limiting processed foods, added sugars and artificial ingredients. We also focus on movement, mobility and strength with the support of our friends at XALI, a movement platform for perimenopausal and menopausal women, and targeted and optional supplements from our sister platform You Must Try It.

The program is delivered inside The Aging Project Community, to its private members. Pre-recorded and live training, along with a 50+ page recipe book, weekly meal plans, along with daily interactions and weekly virtual meet-ups are included, along with FREE trial access of the XALI platform.

The Aging Project’s founders Amanda and Shelley sought answers for her own challenges with belly fat and menopausal weight gain. We also discovered thousands of women inside our community wanted more targeted support and advice, and so the program was born with the advice of our in-house clinical nutritionist Lynsey Koch and Xali founder Naz DeBono.

Together with our own wellness team and team of partners we’ve created a program designed to kick start menopausal weight loss through a combination of anti-inflammatory foods, nourishing foods, targeted supplements and considering the timing of our meals.

The Bye Bye Belly Fat 21 Day Reset offers a balanced approach to weight and hormonal balance for menopausal women, with a focus on whole foods, anti-inflammatory principles, and healthy lifestyle habits.

We hope to offer more options in the future for our vegan, vegetarian and pescatarians friends but at the early stages of our program’s inception, these aren’t specially available.

You are most welcome to modify protein and ingredients to suit your preferred eating style. That is absolutely possible, and we’re on hand to offer support inside the program.

Gluten is avoided inside this program.

Small amounts of optional dairy are included but can easily be omitted.

During the 21-day journey, our focus is on nourishing the body with anti-inflammatory whole foods: lean proteins, vibrant fruits, nutrient-rich vegetables, hearty legumes, wholesome whole grains, beneficial healthy fats, and indulgent full-fat dairy.

Together we will steer clear of inflammatory culprits such as processed foods teeming with added sugars, artificial additives, hues, and flavors, as well as the notorious high fructose corn syrup.

Additionally, we bid farewell to processed meats laden with nitrates/nitrites, fried fare, and inflammatory oils like canola or vegetable oil, along with refined flours and grains, all known to ignite inflammation within.

The timing of food is something we will discuss inside the program, so you can make an informed decision if intermittent fasting is something you’d like to try.

We’re mindful that intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone, including individuals with diabetes, those taking certain medications, or people with a history of eating disorders. So it’s important to be educated and make the right decision for you.

Please reach out to if you need assistance. We’re here to help.