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Struggling with belly fat? We’ve got you.

If you're wanting to get your health on track, and lose unwanted belly fat - Join our 14 day Bye Bye Belly Fat Reset!

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Let me ask you 3 things:

Are you stuck and out of ideas on how to lose belly fat?
Have you tried to exercise more and eat well but nothing shifts?
Are you ready for expert advice and a plan that works?

If you answered YES, we’re here to help.

Here’s to feeling fabulous, not frustrated, with our weight, and getting our health on track for our second chapter.

The Aging Project

Letter from Shelley

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Hello friends!

Weight and belly fat have become taboo topics in perimenopause and menopause.

Having read women’s stories I understand the need for support and solutions which is why I’m excited to share what helped me.

Doing a 14 day reset, in preparation for the Logies, was the kick-start I needed. I realised if I wanted my body to run well in the future, I needed to take care of it.

My hope is women will join me and my trusted team and together, over 14 days, we can kick start your very own menopause makeover.

The Aging Project Community

Stories and Testimonials

Real stories from real women

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The Aging Project has taught me there is life at any age and your life doesn’t need to expire after 50 but instead begin. We have the power to be ageless and beautiful.
Sue’s story
Sue’s story
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Everytime I look in the mirror side-on, there is another little niggle at myself for not ‘doing something more’ about it. At 53, I know what I want in life and how to get it. I’m educated, financially free, single (after 28 yr marriage), have a fantastic career. But the belly fat holds me back.
Anon’s story
Anon’s story
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My anonymous frustration is that I’m a busy mum (kids aged 16-9) juggling 30+ hours/week job, sports taxi, cook, and get little help around the house - so my “reward” is 2-3 glasses of wine 4-5 nights per week. I know that’s too much and I want to cut back but struggle to find a replacement that satisfies. I know reducing it will help how I’m feeling/sleeping/fatigue.
Rebecca’s story
Rebecca’s story
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I’m a 45-year-old female. I run my own remedial and lymphatic massage business from home full time and work long hours. I am a mum of 3 (26,30,& 14-year-old). I have my husband, adult son, teenage daughter and do the majority of the cleaning and cooking. My doctor advised my cortisol levels were very high and I need help.
Linda’s story
Linda’s story
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I went through a horrendous divorce which gave me severe PTSD and depression. I’m nearly 70 and basically I’ve been sitting for 3 and a half years because of my work and how I feel.
Anon’s story
Anon’s story
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I have tried EVERYTHING from diets, intermittent fasting, medication, naturopaths, dieticians, functional medicine etc and really nothing seems to work. The only time I have really reduced my belly fat was in an extreme stress time - certainly nothing I want to repeat.

Here’s the truth bomb

No one is talking about: carrying extra belly fat in midlife is like hauling a backpack of 30 diseases.

Yup! Your weight, especially around the middle, is a sneak peek into your metabolic health and how gracefully you’ll age. It’s your body giving you a heads-up on the inside scoop. So, let’s shrink our waistlines and chronic disease risk. Together.


Bye Bye Belly Fat 14 Day Reset

Starting Monday 8th July

We’d love to welcome you inside The Aging Project Community.

A tailored program for peri and menopausal women

Co-created by our team of experts and The Aging Project founders Shelley and Amanda, our Bye Bye Belly Fat 14 Day Reset is designed to set a new standard in clinical support for women focusing on metabolic health and reversing insulin resistance with anti-inflammatory nutrition, targeted training,  expert coaching and proven supplements. It’s your all-in-one formula for bidding farewell to visceral belly fat and achieving lasting wellness in perimenopause and menopause.


Picture this...

Inside our LIVE 14 day experience we’ll hold your hand and teach you our proven 7-step daily formula to turbo charge your metabolism, bid bye-bye to insulin resistance, and shed that stubborn belly fat.

Partnering with XALI for movement and You Must Try It, for nutrition and quality supplements means we’re able to offer something better, and like nothing else out there to our community. 

Meet your incredible team

Our team of experts and coaches bring expertise, experience, passion and kindness in equal measure. This reset is created by women, for women because we know first-hand, from lived experience and our community, the impact perimenopause and menopause can have. 

Meet Naz

Movement and Mobility Trainer and Coach, Xali founder
Program Expert and Coach

Naz De Bono

I understand the impacts of perimenopause and menopause. It was my personal journey that propelled me to use my 20 years as a trainer to create XALI, a movement platform for women in this phase of life.

For me, perimenopause felt like I went to bed one night and woke up as a different person. My body changed, my skin flared up, joints ached, anxiety soared, and even my relationship felt strained. Hormones were wreaking havoc and immediately I knew my body needed a new level of support.

Helping women through menopause is my passion, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Meet Lynsey

Clinical Nutritionist
Program Expert and Coach

Lynsey Koch

For over 15 years as a clinical nutritionist, I've supported countless women grappling with the effects of menopause and perimenopause. Menopause can be challenging if you resist acknowledging the shifts in your body and the need to adapt your nutrition and lifestyle, especially if you want to address belly fat. I'm excited to educate and support our community so that every woman feels empowered and supported during this phase.

Meet Shelley and Amanda

Program Creators and Coaches

Shelley Craft & Amanda Attwood

As the founders of The Aging Project, we know firsthand the impact menopause can have on the lives of our community members. We’ve learned this is a time for women to look after themselves and work with their changing bodies. We know women want answers on the best way to nurture themselves and even how to deal with belly fat during this time, which is why we’ve brought together our go-to team to help.

Who should sign up? Anyone whose health has veered off track. You feel stuck.

If the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause are impacting you – think brain fog, mood swings, anxiety, headaches, UTI’s, irregular periods, abdominal weight gain, joint pain, and disrupted sleep – we get it!

If you’re looking for a simple formula, a roadmap, the tools and community to create lasting change – we’ve got you!

What women are saying?

Women who follow our reset talk about these benefits:
Less worry about your health and weight
Improved weight circumference and waist to hip ratio
Better sleep and increased energy levels
Improved gut health and reduced bloating
Less food cravings
Healthier skin
Less stress and anxiety
Able to find more moments of gratitude in the day
Relief of inflammation and joint pain
Increase in muscle and strength
Improved well-being
Better understanding about menopause
Freedom to choose the clothes I want to wear

What you’ll get

Bye Bye Belly Fat Workbook

Get a copy of our Bye Bye Belly Fat Workbook outlining our formula for weight balance.

Bye Bye Belly Fat Daily Tracker

Stay accountable with a simple daily tracker. Put it on the fridge, track your progress and keep yourself accountable.

The Aging Project Recipe Book

Our recipe book is jam-packed with simple, quick and delicious recipes.

Weekly Meal Plans

Let us take the guesswork out of what to eat with our weekly meal plans.

The Daily Journal

Journal and share how you’re going inside our community journal. You can add video, images, comment and interact within the community, just like you.

Daily Expert Advice and Weekly LIVE Check-Ins

Connect with our team of experts and each other inside our virtual room each week and stay motivated.

The Aging Project Community

The Aging Project community portal gives you access to everything you need. Download your weekly meal plans, join the community conversation, access LIVE weekly meetups, get feedback from our team of coaches and access the virtual journal.

XALI Workouts

No matter where you are in your fitness journal, Xali has a workout for you. Get moving with Naz’s workouts designed for peri and menopausal women.

You Must Try It - Supplement suggestions

Let us guide you with our tried and test supplements, researched by our clinical nutritionist that can aid weight balance available at You Must Try It.

Your Why. Here’s what you’ve told us you want.

I want to more choice in what I wear

I want to feel more confident in how I look

I’m sick of thinking about it

I want to put myself first for a change

I want to travel more and feel fitter as I get older

I want to feel more confident in my body, with my partner and when I look in the mirror

I want to live a long and healthy life

Our Why.
Here’s why we want you to join us.

Here’s why belly fat matters to us.

We all know that the longer we ignore an issue, the bigger it can become, and the more it can cost us—in medical expenses, time, money, and stress. This is especially true when it comes to neglecting our metabolic health and belly fat. Years can pass by, and we keep putting off making a change until we’re forced to face a health diagnosis. In Australia we know being overweight is the leading risk factor for preventable chronic conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and many types of cancer.

Our Bye Bye Belly Fat 14-Day Reset is here to change lives and the trajectory of your future health. If you’re struggling right now, let’s start the journey towards thriving, so we don’t move forward into a crisis.

Why you’ll love our reset

After 40 a NEW tried and tested formula to lose belly fat is needed because what used to work no longer does and the health risk of staying stuck accumulates over time.

We’d love you to come and learn our tried and tested Bye Bye BellyFat formula from our team of experts over 14 days and let’s move you forward what matters most. Life long health and vitality

Research and clinically based

Designed to improve your metabolic health, combat insulin resistance and improve your gut health

Based around a simple daily 7 Step Daily Formula to follow

It’s a LIVE experience – we’re doing it with you!

Expert clinical coaching support and motivation

Done for you meal plans and quick to prepare meals

Short targeted workouts from XALI

Access to You Must Try It discount and clinically recommended products

Easy to access via your iphone

Let's begin your menopause makeover.

Start Date: Monday 8th July

Only $149

Value $618.80

LIVE Daily Expert Coaching – $480+ Value
Bye Bye Belly Fat Workbook and Daily Tracker  –  $34.95 Value
Weekly Meal Plans  – $39.90 Value
Xali Workouts – $45.00 Value
The Aging Project Recipe Book – $19.95 Value


10% off You Must Try It – Discount applied to first order.( Products displayed not included)
Daily Journal Access
–  Priceless Value
The Aging Project Community – Priceless Value
“Perimenopause and menopause mark a time for us to tune into our health like never before, making informed choices about nutrition, movement, and rest. With support, I’ve made changes and feel like I’ve had a menopause make-over. I want that for every woman.”
– Shelley Craft

The Aging Project Community

Stories and Testimonials

Real stories from real women

Cath’s story
Cath’s story
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At one time, I thought I would never make it to my 50’s, and now I am here, I need all the help I can get to make it a healthy journey – not just a long one. I am still not in a healthy weight range; I am post-menopausal and have the belly to prove it.
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I realised that I have been going through the motions of life for a long time. I learned that if I am to indeed age well, I can no longer be a ‘lounge lizard’, mindlessly scrolling and passively watching life go by from the sidelines. I need to be intentional.
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As a 42 year old mother of 2, I have spent the 2 years since turning 40, looking for answers on how to age well and live a long and healthy life. My father died at 42 and my mother at 67. As I look towards my own future, I am determined that this will not be my fate. My health and wellbeing are number one.
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I have ALWAYS had belly fat in varying degrees but since I have become older (now 60), it’s become more of an issue. I just want to “live” and not have my belly fat constantly on my mind! For me it’s an issue with both self confidence but as I age it’s the stark reality of future health issues.
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I turn 50 this Friday. I’ve not been looking forward to it. Until recently. This project has given me new ways of embracing my age. I can't live like I'm still in my 20's.

The Aging Project Testimonials from women, just like you.

Just want to say ‘thank you’. I am feeling great and I have lost about 3 kgs from my tummy. I am learning so much, thank you.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the difference you have already made to my aging journey


I am glad you’ve arrived to help steer us through these murky waters of midlife! I always imagined growing older; I just never gave much thought to actually being older. I felt marooned between two chapters of life, not fully belonging in either.


Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you register and pay, you will be sent an email, so you can login The Aging Project Community.
Please check your spam account if you can’t see the email.
You need an email and password to begin (you set your own password!).
Please email if you need help.

You can visit and click on the orange button, MEMBERS, found in the top right hand corner.

Or, you can access directly with the link below.

Our friends at offer inspiring workouts for all fitness levels, from the comfort and convenience of your home. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, they have you covered. You can bend to your body’s needs with yoga or smash the day with boxing, it’s all there waiting for you. You choose.

We will share all workout details when we get started.

Once inside, visit THE AGING PROJECT PORTAL then visit the DASHBOARD

From the Dashboard you will see the THE AGING PROJECT COMMUNITY which is where the Bye Bye Belly Fat 14 day Reset is found.

The reset begins on Monday 8th July.

Please reach out to Amanda at with any questions.